What were up to...

Here at Burlington Technology & Supply we offer:

Suggestions for free, I can help when searching for products and solutions outside of what I would offer and help answer any modern computer related question, I can often offer you some simple troubleshooting advice without overloading you with jargon.

Custom networking, casing & cabling solutions for modern computers & appliances. Custom soldering work on boards, adapter creation, PSU mods and alternate cooling solutions.

Website hosting, website design & ecommerce setup to connect modern payment portals and distribution networks like Ebay/Amazon. Responsive web apps, reporting and custom API.

Advanced blockchain solutions for backend management and backup including movement of equity between these systems using various cryptocurrency solutions.

We produce LED shelving with built-in breakers/fuses/timers to be used to grow food indoors and simply powered by your desktop computer or other low voltage sources. Our 1st generation were sized for 1020 trays and included a “bubbler” aeroponic system.

We are currently working on designs for our 1st Axial Flux Generator in an effort to produce modular wind turbines through additive manufacturing. We await a forward thinking province whose rhetoric will be used to sustain, not hinder our efforts to create local jobs in the green economy.

Cell phone repair has been co-opted by the manufacturers themselves and the government has not aided in legally acquiring repair information and tools through legislation. We no longer offer any cell phone repair and differ to their chosen process of excluding 3rd parties and offering their own inadequate solutions. 




Tech Support

My studies began at Western University in computer science with java coding, then to Fanshawe College to learn network design and other support. My love for computers has allowed me to disassemble & fix devices from mobiles to servers and my fondness for The Fedora Open Source Community has had me testing since Fedora 7.